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  • Do you need sensors for sewage and slurry outflow monitoring?

    The CTG UviLux Effluent fluorimeter enables in-situ real-time reporting of levels of sewage and BOD within both natural water systems and water processing plants. By use of UV fluorescence, the UviLux Sewage Monitor detects protein which is inherent within sewage and slurry and provides a means of assessing concentrations of sewage and slurry in solution with unparalleled accuracy and resolution. The principle behind the measurement is based on fluorescence excitation of Tryptophan-like fluorescence, within the UV wavelength band. Use of such fluorescence provides signal detection far superior to absorption methods currently in use. Studies have shown that use of such fluorescence provides robust and repeatable measurements of sewage and slurry solutions, and correlates with both BOD and Bacterial Contamination.
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Bethany Fox will be representing CTG at Sensors & Instrumentation at the NEC in Birmingham on the 29th September

Bethany Fox will be representing CTG at Sensors & Instrumentation at the NEC in Birmingham on the 29th September. Bethany will be giving a seminar discussing the use of fluorescence as a tool within water quality monitoring and exploring the range of CTG fluorometers available. Case studies will be presented to showcase the wide variety of use that these sensors have already received, along with an introduction to fluorescence, recent fluorescence R&D advances at CTG and an overview of the research undertaken so far by Bethany at UWE, Bristol, as part of her CTG supported NERC Case Award PhD.


SenseOCEAN – CTG attend SenseOCEAN EU project review meeting in Kiel

senseoceanprofilingCTG’s Dr John Attridge (Technical Director) and Dr Cathy Rushworth Curran (Senior Scientist) were at the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research in Kiel last week to test and integrate the sensors developed under the SenseOCEAN EU FP7-funded project. 

The sensors were deployed from the quayside and from Research Vessel the Littorina. This was the first time that the sensors were incorporated onto the common communications interface developed under SenseOCEAN and led by CTG, which is a major step towards developing the integrated multi sensor suite.

The aim of the project – The overall aim of the project is to provide a significant advance in the ability to measure crucial biogeochemical parameters. Innovations in analytical sciences, new techniques for microfabrications, cost effective mass production and state of the art sensor technology are being combined to produce a modular sensor system that can be deployed on many platforms. The system can measure a number of parameters including nutrients, micronutrients, the oceanic carbonate system, oxygen, nitrous oxide and chlorophyll at high precision and accuracy. A variety of sensor technologies including lab-on chip, micro electrochemical, optode and optical are being developed in the project.

senseoceanpartyWho is involved? The project brings together 12 European partners from academia and industry. Each partner has expertise in different aspects of research, development, production, and commercialisation of sensor technology. Bringing together these experts allows SenseOCEAN to capitalise on the best available technologies and practices.

The meeting at Kiel was the third year progress meeting and was an excellent opportunity for the team to get together again.

For more information, please contact Ellen Keegan – +44 (0)208 481 9019, ekeegan@chelsea.co.uk

Loren Hiller presenting CTG’s capabilities for incorporating sensors into autonomous systems at Global Marine Sustainability Workshop in Oban on 21 September

lorenCTG’s Loren Hiller is at the Global Marine Sustainability Workshop at the Scottish Association for Marine Science in Oban all week. She will be presenting on Wed 21st in the panel entitled: “What are the next big breakthroughs in autonomous systems? What are the pathways for integrating them into marine industries?”  Loren will discuss CTG’s past and future collaborations, and our capabilities for incorporating sensors into autonomous systems.

The Global Marine Sustainability Workshop is a collaboration among international marine institutes in Scotland and the United States as well as government and federal agencies and industry frontrunners interested in innovative technology and workforce development. The Workshop aims to drive research-based solutions, develop marine technology for commercialisation, and educate a strong workforce in order to support marine and coastal sustainability.

To arrange a meeting at the Workshop please contact Loren Hiller lhiller@chelsea.co.uk or Ellen Keegan – ekeegan@chelsea.co.uk.


This year’s crop of interns was just fantastic!

“Chelsea Technologies Group (CTG) has a long history of forging strong links with universities”, said CTG’s Senior Scientist Dr Cathy Rushworth Curran, “and this year has been no exception. We’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the brightest students from a range of top universities. The students bring a fresh perspective to our culture and business and in turn gain valuable knowledge and experience of working in a high technology environment.”


L-R Helen Turner (Calibration Scientist), Jack Mallinson, Dr Cathy Rushworth Curran (Senior Scientist), Sivakkumaran Sukumaran, Miranda Bell-Davies, Jack Attridge and Bethany Fox.

CTG will be represented at the 12th WATEX, Iran International Water and Wastewater Exhibition (25-28 September) by our new agents in Iran, Padyab Tadjhiz Co.

CTG will be represented at the 12th WATEX, Iran International Water and Wastewater Exhibition (25-28 September) in Hall 44, Booth 531, Tehran International Exhibition center by our new agents Padyab Tadjhiz Co. (www.padyab.com Tel: +98 21 8803 1269). Vice President, Mr Homayra Farid and his team will be promoting CTG’s range of novel on-line and portable monitoring systems specifically designed for the water supply & water recovery industry. These systems are also ideally suited to addressing the requirements of the Bathing Waters Directive, Water Framework Directive and Shellfish Waters Directive & for environmental monitoring & protection of rivers, reservoirs, lakes & ground water. Applications include: in-situ chlorophyll & algae class studies, dye tracing, oil spill & industrial discharge monitoring & airport apron pollution runoff studies.

Bethany Fox presenting at the ‘Sensors in Water Quality Monitoring’ session at the Innovation in Environmental Monitoring conference, York (21/22 Sept) showcasing her research on the origins of microbial aquatic dissolved organic matter fluorescence

BethaBethanyFoxny Fox, a PhD student at the University of the West of England (UWE, Bristol), will be representing both CTG and UWE at the Innovation in Environmental Monitoring conference in York on the 21st and 22nd of September. This conference aims to bring together active academic research and industrial technology. As such, Bethany will be presenting a talk in the ‘Sensors in Water Quality Monitoring’ session showcasing some of her research undertaken at UWE, focused on the origins of microbial aquatic dissolved organic matter fluorescence. This will be in combination with the application of CTG’s UviLux fluorescence sensors. Bethany will also be on hand across both days of the conference with information about the CTG sensors at a stand.

Proud to be in Marine Technology Reporter’s top 100 innovative companies #MTR100

Proud to be in Marine Technology Reporter’s top 100 innovative companies #MTR100


Chelsea Technologies Group (CTG) specializes in the design and manufacture of a range of sensors and systems for the oceanographic, maritime, environmental and defense markets. Innovation within the Chelsea Technologies Group crosses throughout the company’s core market sectors with key state-of-the-art technologies commonly adopted through the market groups.


We’re delighted to be included in Marine Technology Reporter’s top 100 innovative companies for 2016…..Read more – http://www.marinetechnologynews.com/news/mtr100-chelsea-technologies-group-537867