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  • Do you need sensors for sewage and slurry outflow monitoring?

    The CTG UviLux Effluent fluorimeter enables in-situ real-time reporting of levels of sewage and BOD within both natural water systems and water processing plants. By use of UV fluorescence, the UviLux Sewage Monitor detects protein which is inherent within sewage and slurry and provides a means of assessing concentrations of sewage and slurry in solution with unparalleled accuracy and resolution. The principle behind the measurement is based on fluorescence excitation of Tryptophan-like fluorescence, within the UV wavelength band. Use of such fluorescence provides signal detection far superior to absorption methods currently in use. Studies have shown that use of such fluorescence provides robust and repeatable measurements of sewage and slurry solutions, and correlates with both BOD and Bacterial Contamination.
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Are you involved in Climate Change Studies?

Are you involved in Climate Change Studies? If so, I think you’ll find this paper of interest “Carbon cycling and phytoplankton responses within highly-replicated shipboard carbonate chemistry manipulation experiments conducted around Northwest European Shelf Seas”, Biogeoscience Discuss., 11, 3489, 2014, S. Richier, E. P. Achterberg, C. Dumousseaud, A. J. Poulton, D. J. Suggett, T. Tyrrell, M. V. Zubkov, and C. M. Moore.
Download paper http://goo.gl/Z60HiI


New Fast Repetition Rate Fluorimeter for use in the Laboratory


New Fast Repetition Rate Fluorimeter for use in the Laboratory

New Fast Repetition Rate Fluorimeter for use in the Laboratory

New Fast Repetition Rate Fluorimeter for use in the Laboratory

Chelsea Technologies Group has just announced the launch of the new FASTpro software and FASTact system, which are specifically designed to improve usability and extend functionality of the existing FASTtracka II sensor. In combination, FASTpro, FASTact and the FASTtracka II provide an amazingly versatile Fast Repetition Rate Fluorometer (FRRF) system, which can be used in the laboratory, on the deck of a ship or underwater, taking measurements from discrete samples, dark chamber or open water.

The FASTpro software provides a GUI-based solution for all aspects of FASTtracka II operation, including real-time data acquisition, analysis and presentation, plus data archiving and export to other analysis programs, such as Excel and MATLAB. The real-time curve fitting function calculates a large range of chlorophyll a fluorescence parameters, including Fv/Fm, Fq‘/Fm, p, RsPSII, RsPSII and tf, plus values for Fo, F’, Fm, Fm, PAR, dbar and [Chl].

The FASTact system, when used with FASTpro, greatly extends the functionality of the FASTtracka II sensor, by providing a water-jacketed sample chamber, a programmable actinic light source for Rapid Light Curve (RLC) measurements, which utilises filtered white LEDs, and an automated flow through / sample change system.

.Contact Ellen Keegan for more information